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Looking to do your part to help clean the environment? You have come to the right place. When you purchase and plant a tree from us you help us make great strides to a cleaner healthier environment.
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be environmental happy to discuss the merits of specific banner fabrics. What do you hope to accomplish with your banner? From what distance do you want it seen? Check out the Distance Readability Chart, Ask the Banner Expert, or e-mail any of our Sales Staff who will be happy to advise you. Installation is often an afterthought, but can seriously impact the effectiveness of your banner. Many a lovely banner has been ruined due to poor installation. Banners can be installed in a variety of ways using a wide range of accessories (i.e. grommets, pole pockets, rope, bungee cords, velcro, wind-slits, tie-wraps, and reinforced hems). You must consider installation methods PRIOR to ordering your banner so that we can fabricate your banner appropriately (for example, if you know you want to use rope to hang your banner between two poles, we need to manufacture a banner with solutions grommets and perhaps wind slits). If you''re not environmental sure just how you''re going to hang your solutions banner, contact one of our Sales Reps and they''ll be happy to help you. All of our products are guaranteed to meet or environmental exceed your expectations. Return anything purchased from us within a reasonable period of solutions time and we will repair it, replace it, or refund your

So please give us a call and we can give environmental you a quote for whatever method you need. What does solutions the warranty cover? We offer a Lifetime Warranty! This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that occur under normal wear and tear for the life of the Cart. What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe Keyboard Caddies? The Standard Keyboard environmental Caddy is 20" wide, retractable, and has a solutions height adjustment of 5 1/2". Since it is 20" wide, it will hold a keyboard but not a mouse. So, if you are purchasing this keyboard caddy you will probably want to add either a Piggyback Mouse Shelf, or a Clamp-on Mouse Shelf. The Deluxe Keyboard Caddy is 25 3/4" wide, retractable, has a height adjustment of 6", but also has a positive and negative tilt (15 degrees total), and it swivels (full 360 degrees).

The $100 billion professional events market continues to explode as evidenced by the proliferation of new stadiums, arenas, and auditoriums across the nation. In mid-June 2000, for example, the Kentucky Speedway in will launch its inaugural event. will be supporting it every step of the way! As an event administrator or promoter, you have big responsibilities. Lining up participants, sponsors, and workers, setting time-tables, overseeing transportation, advertising, food vendors -- the list is endless. Wouldn''t it be nice to lay at least one of your responsibilities to rest? The professionals at can help. Tell us what you want, and we''ll do the rest. No job is too big -- no problem too difficult to solve. , meanwhile, continues to employ state of the art technologies to produce the absolute best quality signage available today. Large format digital imaging is changing the face of the events industry by allowing sponsors to place huge photo-quality images on various media at locations previously believed inaccessible (i.e. the giant "Indy Greats" campaign at the 1999 Indianapolis environmental Lightpole banners have become an increasingly solutions popular method of advertising and promoting special events. You''ve probably seen them in

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